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We Welcome You to Podiatry Clinics!

​Our staff is here to help you with your foot and ankle care.  We will take time to get to know you as a patient from our interactions with you; from the initial phone call, to filling out the paperwork and medical history, to the face-to-face meeting - we are here to help you achieve foot and ankle health.


Our goals are outlined below:

  • To provide the best podiatric care possible.

  • To treat our patients with care, respect, and compassion.

  • To treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.

  • To encourage the patient to participate in their own care by asking questions, listening, and making sure questions are answered in a way that they can understand. Therefore, the patient has the information necessary to aid in decisions about their treatment plan.


  • To make our office an environment where patients and staff have a positive and pleasant experience, and you are comfortable seeing the doctor.



We take the time you need to achieve foot and ankle health

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